Friday, February 8, 2013

Foodie Friday - CNY Chap Chye

Next week I'll be taking the whole week off from work & blogging to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year I'll challenge myself to cook a traditional dish call "Chap Chye" means Mix Vegetable. My popo cook this dish every year with the help of my ah yee. Last year my popo fell sick so she didn't cook it and this year, sadly my aunt is no longer with us so my popo won't be cooking too this year. But I'll try to understand this dish and cook it so maybe next year I can help my popo to cook this dish. I found some interesting Chap Chye recipe, will adapt it and add passed down cooking tips from my mummy to make this dish as yummy as possible. My mummy's recipe has no MSG added not even oyster sauce or soy sauce or salt! And it's going to be pure vegetarian dish, means no meat and garlic added to it.
Here are some Chap Chye Recipe found:

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