Friday, April 12, 2013

Foodie - Palmiers

I've not done any baking for almost more than 6 months. With all that was going on last year, I lost the drive to bake. I did slowly pick up my cooking habits, well I've got to cook my own lunch but believe me when I say I can just simply cook a meal with just eggs and some veggies in 10 minutes. Luckily my husband guided me back to my cooking roots by asking me to cook him healthy veggie lunches. So I did slowly get back into my cooking groves. Now the next challenge is to get back into my baking venture and stuff my hands into those rose textile mittens of mine. I've not picked a date yet but it'll be one of the weekends in April. It's hard for me to bake because baking brings back memories of my aunt and I did promise to bake for her when she recovered but she didn't and now she's with our Father in heaven. But it's time to move on. My mummy misses my tarts and scones. So I'll gather all my courage and take a leap. This palmier recipe from Spook Fork Bacon looks easy and interesting. So I'll bake this as a start. Savoury ones will be this recipe and another one with chocolate chip and cinnamon for dessert. Wish me luck :)
(Images courtesy of Spoon Fork Bacon)
(Images courtesy of Spoon Fork Bacon)

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