Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Inspirational - Petite Raindrops & minipet

 Thinking of decorating ideas for my upcoming events. I've got 2 bazaars coming up, one in June and another one in July. I was thinking of doing some watercolour illustrated raindrops for my backdrop. Haven't decided on the idea and the colour scheme but I hope by the time comes, I'll know what I want. Above is one beautiful magical raindrop illustration by Cella Anita Celic. And below is by My Lovely Thing. Both of these similarity is that each raindrops has its own story, overlapping silhouette and graphics making it interesting, beautiful and enchanting.
I thought of using raindrops because of my new product, minipet. Petite little pets like raindrops. I'll be launching it soon and here's the sneak peek... More images coming real soon on our FB Page.
Here are my upcoming event schedule:

See you there!

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