Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inspirational - Real Beauty Sketches

This campaign is by Dove and it's sad to see that there are so many women out there who think less of themselves. Who believed that they are not as beautiful as they look and has so little confidence in themselves. I believe in true beauty that shines from within, our hearts but that doesn't mean we should feel less beautiful because the models or actresses are so much more stunning in comparison to us. All of us should know and understands that true beauty comes from being a nice person, talk good of others, spread positivities, help those in need and just simply smiling. 
We are all beautiful, remember this and never forget it.
(Images and videos by Dove) 
This is another video by Dove; a different perspective. Although some men do think that they are super handsome macho man and their ego drives them to think that they are all supremes, I don't ever want my son to think less of himself. In fact, I believe we all should learn from them to see ourself a more beautiful woman, mother, aunt, sister, daughter... 
Educate our sons to respect others and never see less of himself but never over egoistic. 
Educate our daughters to see true beauty from within and brave enough to
stand up and speak up but never let anyone make her think less of her self, not even herself.
Love who you are, always.
(Images and videos by Dove)

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