Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Inspirations - Organic Knots

 When I first saw this blog jungjung from japan introduced by my friend Tako from Evangelione, I was dazzle by her knitting artworks. Such fine works with such details, truly a work of a master. Her recent works introduces flowers and I really can't resist to share her works here. Your art is as good as how you want it to be and her fine details define her. In my journey towards my art, I too seek for finer details and better quality finishing. No one is perfect. That's why I'm always challenge myself and seeking ways to improve. I will never stop learning for sure and the satisfaction I get from my work is all worth it. I do wish, hope and pray I get to continue this journey of mine, for as long as possible...
Never stop learning, never give up.
(All images courtesy of jungjung)
 Such fine details. When you push yourself to go further, you will go further.
(All images courtesy of jungjung)

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