Friday, July 19, 2013

Foodie - Kate Sutton

Such a cute and pretty print by Kate Sutton. This really does looks like a really yummy recipe.
So give it a try and who doesn't like pancakes on a lazy weekend brunch. Have a happy weekend folks!
(Image courtesy of Kate Sutton)
Side note:
My upcoming Market is on 27th July at Annex Gallery for Y'ao Market.
The mr hubbybear and I are going away on a short trip, need to taking a break from work. Will be away for a week, so the next time I'll see you will be on the 29th after the bazaar :) Will continue blogging & updating pillow stories (A MUST to complete task set in August) after my bazaar. Will be scheduling some posters for the bazaar next week :) See you there!

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