Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inspirational - With a Piece of Chalk

A very simple video with big impact and meanings to it. Bullies come in many forms, whether if it's physically or mentally, any forms of bully is unacceptable. But when you face these sort of hardship and challenges, it's good to remember that this is not the end of your world. Being in this situation before, I too harness my time and put it to good use. Instead of thinking ways to revenge and make them pay for what they did, I use my time to draw, read and develop my art. Now when I look back, I thank those who bullied me coz they gave me an opportunity to isolate myself and truly emerge myself in my thoughts and passions. Today I have so much to be thankful for and because of those hardships, I am stronger today. Remember when you face such situations, use your energy on things that are positive and one fine day, you'll be thankful you didn't turn sour and negative. Every tree grow from the dirt, even beautiful flowers. So stand tall, rise above the ground and soar through the skies. (Image by fubiz and more reads on daily mail uk )

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