Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inspirational - Show the World your Magic

An interesting concept on how we approach creativity and how we show the world our magic.
1. Make possibility list - Yes and meet deadlines I'll tell myself this.
2. Embrace your quirks - I do laugh at my sillyness, hey life is too short to be upset over dumb things!
3. Draw everyday and everything - doodle is my life!
4. Practice gratitude - amen.
5. Go outside! - Weekends are the best...
6. Make time for yourself - Especially on rainy days. Oh how I love alone time.
7. Life Hack - I actually do this! ocd...
8. Make time for daring adventures - Totally up for it and you are never too old to do anything!!
9. Hero worship - so many to list... I'll list it on my board then...
10. Treat life as an ongoing experiment - constant and never give up.
11. Write love notes everywhere - got to start doing this... Bear's gonna love it~
12. Get offline - Agree!
(Image by Etsy Blog)

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