Friday, August 9, 2013

Yat Sang Yat Sai Monkies

Sang Sang: Sai Sai! You look so beautiful!
Sai Sai: Sang Sang! You too look very handsome!!!
Sang Sang: Today is our wedding day :) I wish Sai Sai always stay beautiful wifie and a loving mummy!
Sai Sai: And I wish Sang Sang always stay funny and smart hubby and a caring daddy!
Sang Sang: I love you very much Sai Sai. I promise you that we will grow old together…
Sai Sai: And have toothless giigles till our tummy aches! I love you too Sang Sang :)

Name: Yat Sang Yat Sai Monkies
D.O.B: 3rd January 2013
Specialty: Blessing couple of a life with a blessed forever true love.
Type: Huggable pillow with pocket and accessory
 Size: 14.5” x 13” (body) + 2” (leg) + 3” (ears)
Color: Red, Gold, Yellow, Beige and Brown with Cream White base
Status: Adopted ^ . ^

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