Friday, September 27, 2013

Foodie - Pastas

I've been really busy for the past few weeks and I rarely cook lunch for bear due to time constrain. I usually cook at least 3 lunch meals per week for us but last few weeks I've been so busy, I could't even eat my lunch on time. So this morning I asked if he wants lunch and his reply was "Don't you want to cook for me? I've only eaten one lunch at home this week..." Shock to hear that my husband misses my cooking and giving me hints that he wants to come home more often for my home cooked meals... So I think it's time to slow down my pace, take things as it comes and try to have a balance lifestyle. Regular workouts, home cooked meals, reading and resting... I do need a breather. Let's see how it goes. This weeks' foodie topic, Pasta. Bear's favourite is angel-hair pasta and I'm a linguini fan. I've tried the One-Pot-Pasta recipies and I have to say it's a life saver! I do make it often because I don't have any instant cook meals at home. No instant noodles, pasta or rice. Everything had to be cooked. When you don't buy instant food, you'll start living a little healthier. Bon App├ętit
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