Thursday, October 24, 2013

5th year and counting...

Hooray! It's BeaniPet's 5th year anniversary today! I can't believe that I've been sewing and creating these cute little miracles for 5 years! And on top of it, I'm still very keen and excited about my sewing journey. Throughout these years I do really feel thankful and blessed to have a very supporting family and a loving husband. And because of them, I'm able to keep pursuing my dreams. Not to forget my supporting fans, customers, readers and friends. Because you appreciate the art I create, I'm able to go this far. So, Thank you!!! 
On the side note, I've been really busy with not only the christmas collections and customize orders but also preparing on a project that I'm working on which will commence next year. So it'll definitely be a super busy 2015, juggling two or more things at once but hey, I know that you should always appreciate and be contented when you are presented with opportunities. So yes :) I'll be looking forward to my new adventures along side my BeaniPet ventures. 

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