Friday, October 11, 2013

Red Deer

Look! There’s a beautiful retro, vintage doilly for sale! 
I think I should grab it for my coffee table. 
It’ll look perfect with my cute potted teapot plant sitting on it. 
I wonder what else can I find in these retro treasures. 
Oh how I love to shop for vintage items… 
You’ll never know what treasures you might just find in this junk!
Name: Red Deer
D.O.B: 5th March 2013
Hobby: Collecting doilies, deers and everything retro.
Type: Huggable pillow with pocket and accessory
 Size: 13” x 13” (body) + 4.5” - 3.5” (ears)
Color: Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown with Cream White base
Status: Adopted ^ . ^

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